Dimensions N Publishing, Inc. is pleased to announce two new releases from Indianapolis native, Grace Swift.

The first title is
3-Dimensional Prayer: The Ministry of Intercession. This book teaches how prayer affects all 3 realms:

Things in heaven
Things on earth
Things under the earth—the powers of darkness

It covers such topics as, groaning, wrestling, or travailing in prayer; the most and least effective ways to pray; and praying in the spirit. It reveals how the Holy Spirit moves to change prayer into ministry that transforms lives, breaks yokes, delivers from oppression, and obtains outstanding results.

The other new release is the
SonShip Series: Books for Bilingual Learning. This 8-book series of children’s Bible stories is written in both English and Spanish simultaneously. Upon successful completion of the entire series, your child will be well on his way to becoming bilingual as he has fun, learns the Word of God and educates himself in many areas.